Lumber Prices

A one percent futures basis does not necessarily indicate a one percent decline in lumber costs (as would be indicated in a risk-neutral effective markets setting). Mehrotra and Carter (2017) discover that over the 1995-2013 duration, at 2 months horizon, a one percentage point basis implies a 0.55 percentage point decrease. If spot and futures costs move in tandem, this implies about a 7% decline in the June PPI, and around 20% decline in the July, bringing the lumber PPI back to around where it remained in April.

Source:, accessed 22 June 21.

Figure 1: PPI for lumber and softwood (blue, left scale), and close-by month futures, lagged one month (brown, best scale). Source: BLS via FRED, and

A wild trip for futures means …

A minimum of, thats what the futures are signalling.

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Do lumber costs (as determined by the PPI) relocation as anticipated by the neighboring month futures? Heres a plot.

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